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Tenkara Angler Logo T-Shirt Goes Overseas

Now available in Germany and the United Kingdom!

Tenkara Angler Logo T-Shirt Germany United Kingdom

Until recently, the ever popular (and extremely fishy) Tenkara Angler logo t-shirt was only available through to readers in the United States. Well, with a few clicks and uploads, it’s now been approved for sale on Amazon in both the United Kingdom and Germany!

Plus, the only thing cooler than having great tenkara rod fishing adventures, is letting other people know you are having great tenkara rod fishing adventures. Let’s start multilingual conversations spreading the word about how much fun we have catching fish on fixed lines, and looking sharp while you do!

Here are the links to find this good looking, fish catching logo T-shirt :




P.S. – If you choose to purchase a Tenkara Angler logo t-shirt, thank you. This community means a great deal to us and we are humbled that you’d choose to represent it offline. We’d absolutely love to see some pictures of them out in the wild. So don’t hesitate to send in photos, or “tag” Tenkara Angler on social media.

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