Kebari & Fly Tying Video

Fly Tying in 3 Easy Steps

In July 2020, Jason Sparks put together an informative fly tying video that was published on the Project Healing Waters (Willoughby, Ohio) Facebook page. It was very well received by fly tyers both novice and seasoned.

Jason’s simple approach to fly tying removes some of the complexities that can be found in other similar videos. It also shows that creating your own kebari doesn’t need to be difficult or intimidating. Producing a handful of effective flies only takes a matter of minutes, and at the same time can be very fun. There’s certainly few things more rewarding than catching a fish with a fly that you tied yourself!

We know many readers received their first vises and tying kits over the holidays. This made it a perfect time to publish this video to the Tenkara Angler YouTube channel.

Please enjoy, and share with like-minded friends!

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