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Tenkara Angler Reports Sasquatch Sighting!


Sunday, February 27th, 2022
Location: Cary’s Flat North Carolina.

Late last night, a fresh report hit the intake desk at Tenkara Angler. The news came in from a tenkara angler that was out on a water trail adventure in the area just south of Cary’s Flat, North Carolina. The angler has claimed to have seen a SASQUATCH on the middle portion of Wilson Creek. We began calling local resources for corroboration and spoke with the shopkeeper at Betsey’s Ole Country Store in Mortimer, NC.

The Trillium Bed

Bruce did confirm that local residents from Gragg to Edgemont have also reported rustling in the laurel, broken rhododendron branches and oversized tracks along the shoreline on upper Wilson Creek. Most notably above White Rocks and below the confluence with Little Wilson Creek and over near North Harper’s Creek also. He shared that his Gramma used to spin yarn about the “beast that bedded in the trillium and wild orchid”, but admits he has never seen one himself.

Tenkara Angler Reports Sasquatch Sighting! - Wilson Creek North Carolina
Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti seen in Wilson Creek, North Carolina

The Capture

The fixed line enthusiast told his story quickly to us, sharing only scant details of the ominous grunts and breaking of branches as the sound moved toward the water in this isolated zone of the “Wild and Scenic River” area. This single image of Squatch in the river was captured by the angler before he quickly ducked below the cascade rock line. At the time, the angler was petrified in fear. Now the angler is beginning to feel a high level of excitement about the sighting, but is still shaken.

This angler is experienced with trails and deep woods adventure and states he had never considered the notion of bumping into a Sasquatch in the “High Country” of the Blue Ridge Mountains. “The slopes of Grandfather Mountain is just not where I thought they lived” and felt that “North Georgia was more the region of inhabitation for the large mammal”.

Tenkara Angler Reports Sasquatch Sighting! - Graphic
Tenkara Sasquatch image

Gear Over Fear

A follow up communication provided by the adept adventurer provided details that a common angler might not have observed. This tenkara savvy individual, in the midst of an extremely fearful moment, was able to identify the specifics of gear that the beast was carrying in hand and in the shoulder slung mission pack. The long-striding ‘Squatch was rigged and ready with a customized Riverworks Rod CO. ZX4-PRO. Donned over the shoulder was the Zimmerbuilt Guide Sling carrying each of these great rods: Dragontail Nirvana 400, Zen Tenkara Zako, and the Red Brook Tenkara ONE. Dangling from the sling pack was a Daiwa fishing net. The editor thanked him for the quick look and good eye for these details.

**Tenkara Angler cannot confirm the gear details at this time. Image enhancement for verification have been initiated.**

Squatch Swag

Tenkara Angler has obtained exclusive use of the angler’s image. The rare sighting has spawned a collection of Sasquatch gear for the tenkara / fixed line angler. There are both “Bigfoot” (black) and “Yeti” (white) versions available from multiple sources. Tenkara Angler is working to make these available in the highest quality at affordable prices. The continuous popularity of the mythical (or not) creature is sure to make these a real hit across the entire community.

Tenkara Angler Reports Sasquatch Sighting! - Amazon
Tenkara Angler shop at Amazon has short and long sleeve T-shirts in “Bigfoot” and “Yeti” silhouettes.

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Tenkara Angler shop at Spreadshirt has short/long sleeve and tie-dye T-shirts, coffee mugs and stickers in “Bigfoot” and “Yeti” silhouettes.

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Sasquatch Safety Alert

Editor’s Note: There is some belief that if you affix a Fraternal Order of Police, or a State Police Fundraiser Support sticker to the rear of your car, you might get out of a ticket if you get pulled over. Tenkara Angler makes no claim to the validity of that notion.

However the idea does bring to mind that sporting a swag Tenkara Angler: Squatch shirt on the water can’t hurt your chances of survival if you bump into the “Grassman”, “Monster of Whitehall”, “Skunk Ape”, Momo”, “Wood Booger” or the “Bushman”. Take your chances if you dare, but why risk it. Seriously. Stay safer in your sweet Tenkara Sasquatch gear next time you head to the remote waters with your favorite tenkara rod.

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