Tenkara-Fisher: 2017 Tenkara Summit Photo Summary

In looking back through blog posts, I couldn’t help but notice that I never posted any pictures from the 2017 Tenkara Summit in Estes Park, Colorado on the Tenkara Angler blog.

Photo: Adam Trahan | Tenkara-Fisher

Rather than write my own post, Adam Trahan (Tenkara-Fisher.com) published some great photos of his experience at the event (including some that peek behind the scenes). I highly recommend checking out the blog entry HERE to see the goings-on.

Video: Landing Big Fish on Tenkara with Rob Worthing

At last weekend’s Tenkara Jam, we were able to grab some video footage of Rob Worthing’s (Tenkara Guides) presentation – specifically, the portion on how to land big fish with your tenkara rod.  Rob was gracious enough to allow the video to be published for public consumption, which Tenkara Angler is presenting today.

If you enjoyed this video, please visit www.tenkaraguides.com, where Rob and his partners Erik & John have been operating the first fixed-line fly fishing-only guide service in the Western Hemisphere since 2011.

2017 Tenkara Jam

Thought it only proper to send out a quick post this morning, as a follow-up to this past weekend’s Tenkara Jam in Boone, North Carolina. Simply wanted to express extreme gratitude to all that participated; be it from an attendee, presenter, vendor, and (of course) organizer standpoint. The tenkara community came together as one and showed very well, we should all be extremely proud of the Jam.

I also can’t say enough about the many jobs Jason Sparks took on wonderfully as host, emcee, and educator, and if he’s considering “running it back” in 2018, Tenkara Angler would love to participate again.

As a reader, if you’re new to the magazine (& website) as a by-product of the Jam, welcome. It’s great to have you here!

Since Tenkara Angler was referenced in several of the presentations, I also thought I’d list some of the links to articles that were specifically mentioned for easy referral.

As a matter of fact, most of the presenters and vendors have contributed to Tenkara Angler in one form or another since the magazine’s inception in 2015. If you’d like to page through the various back-issues at your leisure, they are best accessed for free, HERE.

The 2017 Fly Fishing Show

Sadly, Tenkara Angler probably won’t be able to make it to the 2017 Fly Fishing Show(s) this year; a few too many schedule conflicts arose in regard to the handful that are somewhat geographically nearby.


However, if you’re looking for tenkara-centric coverage, fear not! Jason Klass just did an extensive recap of this past weekend’s Denver show over on his Tenkara Talk blog. Odds are you’ve already read it, but just in case you haven’t, click HERE.

If you’re interested in attending a regional Fly Fishing Show, there are still a few more coming up over the next few weeks:

Marlborough, MA: January 20-22
Somerset, NJ: January 27-29
Atlanta, GA: February 3-4
Lynwood, WA: February 18-19
Pleasanton, CA: February 24-26
Lancaster, PA: March 4-5

Should you make it to one, you’ll find that they’re a lot of fun and usually very well attended, so make sure to carve out a full day to take your time and wander the aisles.

Check out The Fly Fishing Show’s website for additional information.

Congratulations To Tenkara Jam!

The Tenkara Jam was recently recognized as the “Best Fly Fishing Event” by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine in their 2017 Best of the Blue Ridge Readers’ Choice awards.

Voting took place in October 2016, and behind the strength of the tenkara community the Jam ended up besting several other more well-known fly fishing events.

Congratulations to organizer Jason Sparks and all involved in the Tenkara Jam. It’s an amazing event, well deserving of all accolades and publicity it receives.

Click HERE see all of the “Best of the Blue Ridge” winners; the Jam is noted on page four.


Thank You For A Successful Tenkara Jam

Just wanted to give a big “thank you” to all of the attendees of the 2016 Tenkara Jam in Cherokee, North Carolina last weekend.

The turnout was awesome; it’s incredible to see so many people enthusiastic about fixed-line fly fishing. Was very cool to be able to talk to those interested in tenkara and wanting to learn more about Tenkara Angler magazine. The fact that so many people in attendance were either brand new to tenkara, or hadn’t heard of the magazine yet, makes me think bigger and better things are yet to come!


Also wanted to thank the other vendors, and most importantly Jason Sparks (& family) for helping put together and organize such a well-oiled event. Jason is truly one of the pillars of our tenkara community, his energy is infectious, and it’s no wonder the Jam has grown into the leading tenkara event on the East Coast.


As for those of you seeking a full recap of the Jam, that will come over time, most likely starting with a guest spot on Discover Tenkara‘s upcoming video blog “Tenkara In Focus.” Look for that later this week, and make sure to subscribe to Tenkara Angler in this website’s menu, and I’ll let you know when it goes live.