Podcast: Tenkara Superwoman

Karin Miller (Zen Tenkara) was recently featured on the Denver Outfitters podcast. ¬†Took in “Tenkara Superwoman” on my drive home from work the other day, it was a fun¬†listen. Check it out this weekend at the embed below:


Dueling Tenkara Podcasts

Appears there was a bit of podcast trading going on over the last week or so between Daniel Galhardo’s Tenkara Cast and Tom Rosenbauer’s Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast.

If you really want to geek out on tenkara this weekend, you can listen to Rosenbauer making a guest appearance on the Tenkara Cast


…and/or Galhardo making a guest appearance on the Orvis Podcast

2016-05-21 00_26_52-hwcdn.libsyn.com_p_8_4_2_842d739fe97b2414_Return_of_the_Tenkara_Sensei.mp3_c_id=

Happy listening!