Video: Small Stream Tenkara Fishing

An oldie but goodie from Tenkara USA shows us ways to fish with a tenkara rod in tight cover.

Some of the most beautiful fish live in “hard to get” places. Use some of these tips to go find these gems.


Sneak Peek: New Floating Line From Zen Tenkara

Zen Tenkara‘s VP of Public Relations & Product Development (& contributor to the Spring 2016 issue of Tenkara Angler) Paul Vertrees released a short video yesterday teasing a new “Made in Colorado” floating tenkara line.

Visual details are a bit difficult to make out in the footage, but based on his description it appears to be another solid option for those who opt for floating tenkara lines.

Video: TenkarAlaska Trailer

The gang at Tenkara Rod Co. have been teasing everyone that follows them on social media about their upcoming film, TenkarAlaska. Looking forward to the full-length film, but in the meantime, this short trailer hit YouTube yesterday.

It definitely shows that tenkara is only capable of catching small fish….


Tenkara Enso: Yamato Kebari

Christophe at Tenkara Enso wrote a nice piece recently about the Yamato Kebari, a go-to pattern he fishes with much success.


Thought it was particularly worth sharing the video, just in case anybody wants to try tying one up.