Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: A Step Toward Fly-Fishing Simplicity

Mainstream mentions of tenkara continue to spread, this time by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the Midwest Tenkara Fest.

Photo: Paul A. Smith / MJS

Check out the article HERE to get feedback from the event’s organizers, as well as the mysterious “Tenkara Gandalf”…

Zoan Kulinski, 62, of Hustisford had been a fisherman all his life, including a fly angler for several decades.

He became a disciple of tenkara fishing in January 2015.

“It’s the simplicity of it,” Kulinski said. “I did ‘western’ fishing so long I had a vest full of stuff weighing me down. I’m too old for that.”

Kulinski used a hunting analogy to describe tenkara fishing.

“This is more like bowhunting, where you are fishing close and stealth is important,” Kulinski said.


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Michael Agneta

Husband, dad, angler, and e-commerce lifer. Especially fond of Philadelphia sports teams, Sasquatch, Star Wars, brown trout, & tenkara fly fishing.

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