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Tenkara Angler Content Submission Form & Guidelines

As a truly “crowd-sourced” resource, Tenkara Angler prides itself on allowing the tenkara community to influence the content published. With such great leeway, there are a few guidelines for content submission below, only put in place to maximize the end-reader’s experience. Please make sure to read them prior to completing the submission form.

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Rights & Usage Terms:
Your submission to this site must be original and created by you (not copied), in good taste, legal, accurate and true, non-defamatory, non-threatening, non-confidential, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this site. We prefer new content, as opposed to recycled content that has appeared elsewhere in print on online.

Tenkara Angler reserves the right to reject your submission, or to edit/delete any parts of it that violate these terms, including the right to ban violators from submitting again. Tenkara Angler also has full editorial rights in order to improve clarity and presentation (e.g., typos, formatting, etc…).

“I certify that I have the right to submit the text and photo(s) that I am submitting. My submission signifies agreement to the above and that I agree to grant to Tenkara Angler an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on or in associated social media or marketing channels. Submission of photo(s) or other image(s) is on a non-exclusive basis. I grant Tenkara Angler the right to pursue anyone who copies my submission.”

Anything goes as long as it relates to tenkara, fixed-line fly fishing, or conservation! However don’t let that be a limitation, any original “How Tos”, Essays, Fly Tying Recipes, Destinations, Humor, are welcome!

  • Word Count:  Approximately 300-500 words are probably best, but longer “feature” type articles will also be accepted
  • Original Photography:  The more the better, since this is primarily an online-based publication, it’s very visual in nature. Images up to 1500×1500 are allowed, however please try to keep them under 1MB each.
  • Other:  Original art, photo essays, new product releases, and poetry are also encouraged, however, please refer to the Article or Photography guidelines above based on your planned submission format.

Author Bios:
A short “about the author” bio will be included immediately following your submission. These should be short in nature, no more than a sentence or two, and can mention your blog, business, etc…

Jason Sparks is the founder of “Appalachian Tenkara Anglers,” a leading online tenkara community, as well as the Tenkara Jam, the largest multi-vendor tenkara gathering in the United States.

Advertising Policy:
While Tenkara Angler magazine will never become over-run with “in your face” advertisements, if you are a business, organization, etc… and would like to promote your products or services, please contact for more information on our preferred, subtle and effective ways to make that happen.

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