Tenkara Starter Kit

What is Tenkara?

The sport of tenkara is generally accepted as a set of techniques and fixed line fly tackle used to target trout and char in high-gradient mountain streams. This is how tenkara is most commonly viewed in Japan, its birthplace.

Tenkara Starter Kit - Tenkara Angler - Masami Sakakibara

As tenkara equipment, namely ultralight telescopic rods, have ventured West, traditional techniques have been adapted to best match the local fish species and the waters they call home. An example of such an adaptation is the substituion of a recognizable beadhead nymph instead of the more traditional Japanese wet fly (kebari). There is some debate by traditionalists if this is still technically “tenkara”, but at Tenkara Angler we try to recognize the differences while happily embracing the fixed line community as a whole, no matter how they choose to use their gear.

Tenkara is Misunderstood, Let’s Fix That

The Rule of 12’s

Rule of 12’s: Tenkara Rod, Line, & Fly

Tenkara Rods

I Want to Try Tenkara, What Rod Should I Buy?

WTF are CCS, RFI, & RM in Tenkara?

Short Tenkara Rods: A (Fairly) Comprehensive Guide

Big Fish Tenkara Rods: A (Fairly) Comprehensive Guide

Tenkara Flies (Kebari)

Choosing Kebari for Newcomers

A Top to Bottom Tenkara Fly Box

Fly Tying in 3 Easy Steps

Yoshikazu Fujioka’s Trout and Seasons of the Mountain Village

Tenkara Techniques

Stop it High and Let it Fly!

Tenkara Tactics: Line Tension, Tip Position, and Fly Control

Kebari Manipulation: Matching Nature

Landing Fish on Tenkara

Video: Landing Big Fish on Tenkara with Rob Worthing

The Short Game: Tenkara in Small Waters

Avoiding Tenkara Frustrations

Fixed Line Fly Fishing

Simple Tenkara Rod Nymphing

Adapting Tenkara for Smallmouth Bass

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