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Tenkara Angler was originally presented as a free “flipbook” style tenkara magazine using the Issuu platform. Almost five years of back-issues are currently available. Should you find one you enjoy, on-demand physical print copies of the tenkara magazine are also available for purchase in our Blurb bookstore. If you’d like to read more about each issue before diving in, click here to view corresponding blog posts.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Issuu recently decided to make changes to their hosting plans, limiting the size of file and amount of pages per file that could be hosted there. We are in the process of loading our flipbooks to another platform and will be transitioning them to this website over time. As such, the flipbooks below may or may not work. Thank you for your patience.


Winter 2021-2022

Spring 2020

Tenkara Angler Magazine - Spring 2020

Winter 2019-20

Tenkara Angler Magazine - Winter 2019-20

“Best Of” Kebari & Fly Tying

2019-11-30 23_48_40-Issuu - Publication

Fall 2019

2019-10-06 21_15_45-Issuu - Publication

Summer 2019

2019-07-07 16_35_06-Issuu - Publication

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Viewer

Winter 2018-19

2019-01-14 21_38_05-window

“Best Of” Warm Water Fixed-Line Issue

2019-02-10 10_53_44-Edit your document settings - issuu

Fall 2018

2018-10-08 00_21_34-Edit your document settings - issuu

Summer 2018

2018-07-01 14_58_57-Edit your document settings - issuu

Spring 2018

Tenkara Angler Spring 2018 ISSUU Embed

Winter 2017-18

2018-Embed - issuu

Fall 2017


Summer 2017

Tenkara Angler Summer 2017 Embed

Spring 2017

Screenshot 2017-03-26 at 9.13.39 PM

Winter 2016-17


Fall 2016


Summer 2016

2016-06-20 01_42_23-Tenkara Angler - Summer 2016 by Tenkara Angler - issuu

Spring 2016

2016-06-04 17_46_39-TENKARA ANGLER – A Community-Sourced Tenkara Magazine

Winter 2015-16

2016-06-04 17_50_48-Free E-Magazine – TENKARA ANGLER

Fall 2015

2016-06-04 17_51_02-Free E-Magazine – TENKARA ANGLER

Premium Magazines include a semi-gloss cover, with high end interior & binding. This finish makes photography stand out and resembles a softcover book

Standard Magazines include a matte cover, with much thinner paper interior. This finish is more value oriented and resembles a newsstand magazine

All printing is done through our bookstore on