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We love tenkara fishing, and we do it with passion. We look forward to further engaging the tenkara and fixed line community while bringing you the best in fishing-related content.

Michael Agneta


Husband, dad, angler, and e-commerce lifer. Especially fond of Philadelphia sports teams, Sasquatch, Star Wars, wild trout, tenkara, & fly fishing. Troutrageous! since 2007. Resident Japanese tenkara enthusiast, who will also dabble with a fixed line rod to tactical nymph or chase warm water species. Founded Tenkara Angler in 2015.

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Matt Sment

Managing Editor, Education

Matt’s career in adventure leadership and training stretches more than two decades. Published in several media formats, Matt has been a featured presenter at the Appalachian Tenkara Jam, the Tenkara USA Summit, the Midwest Tenkara Fest, and speaks regularly at angling clubs and conservation groups. As co-founder of the Badger Tenkara company (2014-2019), he designed rods, delivered instruction, and promoted tenkara fly fishing all over the United States. Matt is currently keeping busy with guiding, instructing, and serving as Managing Editor, Education at Tenkara . He is proud to call the Wisconsin Driftless region his home water.

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Jason Sparks

Managing Editor, Community Development

Jason Sparks is a leading ambassador for tenkara fly fishing and founded Appalachian Tenkara Anglers. He established Tenkara Jam as the first multi-vendor educational exposition in North America. Jason developed the first state supported tenkara curriculum which he conducted for NC Wildlife Resource Commission. Editor for Tenkara Angler, he has written articles in Blue Ridge Outdoors, Southern Trout, and Tenkara Talk. Jason is a Navy Veteran that has fished the world in waters from the Azores to the Appalachians. He carries a tenkara rod with him everywhere he goes.

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Anthony Naples

Managing Editor, Creative Development

Anthony Naples is based in Western Pennsylvania, and has been a positive voice in the tenkara community since 2009. He is the former proprietor of Three Rivers Tenkara, an online retailer of tenkara rods and fly fishing supplies, and also writes on his blog, Casting Around.

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Tom Davis

Contributing Editor, Gear Evaluation

Tom is an unapologetic Japanese level line tenkara, tenkara rod, and cutthroat enthusiast. His favorite haunts are the moving waters of Wydaho, with occasional sorties into northern Utah and SW Montana. Tom has been musing on tenkara on his blog Teton Tenkara since 2012. Other hobbies that take Tom’s money and time are astroimaging, bushcraft, fly tying and overlanding.

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And You!

Content Contributor, Tenkara Angler

Tenkara Angler is the fixed-line fly fishing community’s hub for information and entertainment. Our site covers angling lifestyle, destination, tactics, gear, art, as well as wonderful creative essay. As a “community sourced” publication, Tenkara Angler would love to present YOUR original articles, photos, or art for publication on this website!

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