Some 2017 Spring Issue Stats

With the Spring issue now live for about a week, I thought I’d share some readership statistics. I’m pretty much in awe as to the response to this issue, and since you, the community provides the content, figured you might be interested.

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The Spring Issue has…

  • Been Viewed 2,825 times
  • Been Read 1,345 times  (a read means somebody spent time inside)
  • Been Read on average 8:01 minutes per sitting
  • Referred 121 outgoing clicks from links within the issue (the most popular of which was the link at the end of the Jean Santos Line Winders article)
  • Purchased in physical or digital form 13 times (thank you!)

I honestly don’t know if those numbers are good or bad in the grand scheme of things (I didn’t think far enough ahead to save prior issue stats to benchmark against as my “free” reporting only goes back 30 days).

I do know that in aggregate, Tenkara Angler magazine has been read almost 30,000 times. Not quite as impressive as the 1,000,000+ views of Tenkara USA’s initial video, but still very, very rad, and I’m totally humbled that people seem to really enjoy the content.

Thank you for the support, and please, use the comments section below for any suggestions for future issues!

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  1. It’s a great magizne my copy is on the way I haven’t missed an issue from the beginning

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