2017 Tenkara Jam

Thought it only proper to send out a quick post this morning, as a follow-up to this past weekend’s Tenkara Jam in Boone, North Carolina. Simply wanted to express extreme gratitude to all that participated; be it from an attendee, presenter, vendor, and (of course) organizer standpoint. The tenkara community came together as one and showed very well, we should all be extremely proud of the Jam.

I also can’t say enough about the many jobs Jason Sparks took on wonderfully as host, emcee, and educator, and if he’s considering “running it back” in 2018, Tenkara Angler would love to participate again.

As a reader, if you’re new to the magazine (& website) as a by-product of the Jam, welcome. It’s great to have you here!

Since Tenkara Angler was referenced in several of the presentations, I also thought I’d list some of the links to articles that were specifically mentioned for easy referral.

As a matter of fact, most of the presenters and vendors have contributed to Tenkara Angler in one form or another since the magazine’s inception in 2015. If you’d like to page through the various back-issues at your leisure, they are best accessed for free, HERE.


  1. I can stress enough how worthwhile the Tenkara Jam 2017 turned out to be. Theoretical lectures matches with practice clinics really made this a superb time. There’s nothing like having master Tenkara guys tear your casting form apart and put it back together again. I really urge anyone even remotely interested in Tenakara attend these in the future. The amount of knowledge for the taking was astounding. Kudos to everyone that made this weekend!

  2. Have the dates for the 2018 Tenkara Jam been set? How can I get more information to register?

    1. They have not been finalized yet. Jason (the organizer) is currently working on the details. When he puts the finishing touches on this year’s Jam, you can definitely expect to see more information posted here.

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