2019 Tenkara Summit Announced

The 2019 Tenkara Summit was announced by Tenkara USA on social media last night.


Celebrating 10 years of tenkara in the United States, as well as the 10th Anniversary of Tenkara USA, the 2019 Summit will be held on April 13th in Boulder, Colorado. According to the posts, there will be some “cool things happening” at the event, so we’ll all have to just wait until additional details are announced (most likely) later this year.

***EDIT: A few months after this article was first published, Tenkara USA announced they would be moving the anniversary Summit from April 13th to July 27th, 2019. Check Tenkara USA’s website for more info.*** 

IMG_20140927_134554 [1600x1200]
2014 Tenkara Summit in Boulder, CO
Interestingly, in recent years the Summit has been held in late Summer or early Fall, and this April installment will be the earliest since the May 2013 Harrisonburg, VA event.

What else does this mean? Well, it means there’s not going to be a Tenkara Summit in 2018… so if you’re interested in doing some fishing travel this year that involves a tenkara “meet-up,” fear not! Check out Tenkara Calendar for a list of upcoming events across the country.

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