Water Problems In Washington

Brittany Aäe is a friend of Tenkara Angler magazine. She’s not only been a frequent contributor to prior issues, but is also one of the most rad outdoor athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

She reached out to her friends, sponsors, and publications such as Tenkara Angler yesterday, desperately trying to get the word out about a water rights issue that has hit her close to home.

“…my neighbor thinks he has the legal right to sell the Chewuch River. This is my home river where I fish twice a day in the summer and in which my child learned to swim. I take solace here, I worship here, the Chewuch sings me to sleep at night with my windows open. This is my sacred place and nothing is more urgent to me than protecting its right to continue flowing without corporate ownership…”

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Water rights issues can certainly be difficult to navigate, the notion of public vs. private, recreation vs. utility vs. agriculture, it’s not particularly easy to understand. I can’t even pretend I do. Especially in a day when it seems like more and more of the lands we consider sacred are being prospected, developed, or sold to the highest bidder.

If you’d like to read more about this specific issue, there is an excellent article in The Seattle Times that outlines some of the finer points of debate, including about half way through, a deep dive into the Lundgren Limited Family Partnership who are at the root of the topic in the area Brittany calls home, the Methow Valley.

2019-10-27 20_40_35-Wall Street spends millions to buy up Washington state water _ The Seattle Times

After reading the article, you’d like to take action, I’d recommend contacting your local Representative and/or Senator. Even should you live outside of Washington State, letting your local government know your stance on water and natural-resource related topics is of great importance, particularly before those issues arise. Believe me, I know, I live in Florida… 


  1. god bless you Brittany,we need people like you to represent us,this who owns the river is crazy.

  2. Brittany! Thank you for being the voice for the Chewuch! The right to own water seems unreal to me! It flows freely for all of us & all of nature! To sell it is a crime!
    I will definitely spread the word!
    Keep up the good work!

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