A Happy New Year of Reading

Happy New Year 2020!!!

I still can’t get my mind around that. It’s a date that looks like it was ripped straight out of a science-fiction novel.

As I’m writing this blog entry, I wanted to take a short break from editing and laying out the next issue of Tenkara Angler (Winter 2019-2020) to revisit a wonderful year of articles from the tenkara & fixed-line community. If you’re new to tenkara or this magazine, or just want to re-read some “oldies but goodies,” I picked three memorable entries from each quarterly issue for your enjoyment.

Winter 2018-20192019-12-31 20_13_51-Window

Spring 20192019-12-31 20_14_17-Window

Summer 20192019-12-31 20_14_42-Window

Fall 20192019-12-31 20_15_08-Window

I hope you enjoy this rundown of the highlights of 2019… and don’t go too far, as I mentioned, the latest issue of Tenkara Angler will be dropping soon!


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Michael Agneta

Husband, dad, angler, and e-commerce lifer. Especially fond of Philadelphia sports teams, Sasquatch, Star Wars, brown trout, & tenkara fly fishing.

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