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May 2020’s Top 5 in the Tenkara Gear Shop

Being a bit of a stats and numbers geek, I was curious to see what the top 5 items in the Tenkara Gear Shop were for the month of May 2020.

While I can’t tell what Tenkara Angler readers eventually did once they left this site, it’s fascinating to see what was clicked on. If nothing more than to better estimate interest in products or brands. Plus, in a roundabout way, I guess it can also help Jason, Matt, and I write more relevant articles. (Speaking of which, we’d love it if you’d vote in the poll at the end of this post).

May 2020’s Top 5 Products

5. Tiny Tenkara Tiny Ten 2 8-Foot Tenkara Rod

The Tiny Ten 2 is the “larger” rod in Tiny Tenkara’s offering. Was very interested to see this rod land where it did. While the short length could be the draw, perhaps it’s also the relatively low price?

4. Tenkara Adventure Outfitters U.N.C. Rod

Another rod on the shorter size of the spectrum… the TAO U.N.C. is 8’6″ fully extended. This former Badger Tenkara model definitely has a bit of a cult following.

3. DRAGONtail Mutant zx380 Zoom Rod

Well… that didn’t take long. Only announced at the end of the week, and not even available for purchase yet, people must have been clicking on the Mutant link in the Gear Shop to learn more about the rod and get on the mailing list for “early bird” pricing.

2. Tenkara Adventure Outfitters WISCO 2 Rod

BOOM! Readers finally got away from the small stuff and hit the other end of rods. If you’ve never fished the WISCO 2, it’s a very beefy rod that can handle all sorts of big fish in both cold and warm water.

1. Tiny Tenkara Tiny Ten Rod

At slightly less than 5 feet when fully extended, this rod has a very specific small fish/tight quarters application. Visitors to the Gear Shop were clearly intrigued, as this was by far the most often clicked on product last month!

So there you have it. The top 5 most clicked products in the Tenkara Angler Gear Shop for the month of May 2020. They were all rods, and mostly on the short side. I don’t make this stuff up, I only report it. I’ll be interested to see what a similar list for June might look like. Two things may change the complexion of that list.

First, a lot longer runway for the new DRAGONtail Mutant to pick up clicks…

Second, we’ve just added a bunch of the most popular products from Tenkara USA to the Gear Shop. To celebrate our new partnership, TUSA is offering the coupon code tenkara-angler for free shipping on orders over $100 for a limited time.

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  1. I have the Tiny Tenkara and I like it. It’s so small I can tuck it in my pack. Half the time I forget it’s there. I use a 68 inch furled leader designed for 0-3 weight fly lines, with tippet added as needed.

    1. I’m glad you liked the Tiny Tenkara. It definitely is a small rod, I could see it being very useful in the right circumstances. Seems like you have it dialed in!

      Would love to see some photos of your Tiny Tenkara rod in the wild if you happen to take any.

  2. As a rookie to tenkara and fixed line, stuff like this, helps me! Question. How does that Wisco 2 compare to the Dragontail Hellbender?

    1. The Wisco2 has a longer grip, and a slighlty more dynamic action – both can handle big fish really well

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