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Video: Masami Sakakibara Tenkara Casting Demonstration

This footage features Masami Sakakibara “Tenkara no Oni” as he demonstrates tenkara casting for students at the 2019 Oni Tenkara School. Watch the accuracy and fluidity as he expertly casts from multiple angles landing his fly beneath a low hanging tree limb time after time. Note that his feet and general body positions shift as he adjusts range and targeting.

The second part of the video focuses on arm, wrist, and elbow position during the cast. Note that despite throwing a longer, light line – the motions are relaxed, controlled, and minimal.

What else do you see in these casts, and how does that relate to your casting?

Our thanks to Masami-san for his instruction and to Tenkara Guides LLC for hosting and organizing the event.

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