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Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast Episode 1: Tom Bayly – Tenkara Adventure Outfitters

Okay everyone, the overwhelming feedback from our recent reader survey screams that our readers also want to be listeners and seemingly crave more video content. So we’ve produced, (or more like hastily threw together), the first ever episode of the Tenkara Angler “Level Line” podcast!

Tom Bayly from Tenkara Adventure Outfitters was kind enough to “meet” with Matt & I for an interview that we know you’ll enjoy. In this discussion we cover Tom’s personal background, his competitive archery career, and a nice mix of hunting & fishing stories. He goes on to explain his jump from tenkara angler to retailer, profiles some TAO rod models, and finally we finish up just chatting for a spell. Matt & I thought this would be a half hour interview, but Tom was so engaging, it ended up being about an hour!

Video episodes will be hosted on the Tenkara Angler YouTube channel (please visit and subscribe), but we’ve also submitted the audio for podcast distribution. It’s currently available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, TuneIn, etc… So you can also listen on the go!

A few personal learnings for the next time…

  • I need to invest in a real microphone, apologize for some of the sound quality
  • Matt will hop on video, work out technical difficulties in advance…
  • I talk too fast and say “ummm” too much
  • We need to send out a search party to find Jason for the next one
  • We welcome your feedback; send some our way in the comments section below!
  • Post Publish Edit: I added Japanese & Russian subtitles to the YouTube video by request

Show Notes & Links:

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