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Sunday Tie: Go-San Red Head Kebari

If you enjoyed Adam Rieger’s tenkara tamo building tutorial posted last Thursday, you’ll probably also get a kick out of this Red Head kebari tying video he recently posted to YouTube.

It is a pattern he learned to tie and fish from Go Ishii at a tenkara campout last year in Colorado and is an excellent example of a futsū kebari, or stiff-hackled wet fly. If you’re handy at the vise, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spin up a dozen or so red head kebari for your fly box.

“Go Ishii is one of Japan’s top practitioners of Tenkara and a good friend. He loves “futsū” kebari – stiff hackled wet flies. These flies are very versatile for all kinds of manipulation techniques – upstream, across and down. The stiff hackle helps anchor the fly in place in tiny soft pockets to gain added time in the strike zone. Your casting has to be accurate though!”

Adam Rieger via YouTube

If you enjoyed this video, check out the rest of Adam Rieger’s fly tying videos on YouTube. His channel definitely deserves a “subscribe!

And in a somewhat coincidental aside, Tenkara Angler recently soft-launched the first in our kebari sticker series to our Tenkara Gear Shop. It also happens to be the futsū kebari. If you’re a member of “Team Futsū” this $3 weatherproof sticker is perfect addition to fly boxes, tying benches, water bottles, or car/truck windows.

Tenkara Angler Futsū Kebari Sticker

Sakasas are nice, but the cool kids fish Futsū (or Futsuu) kebari. Matte finish and made of thick, durable vinyl that has a UV laminate that protects them from scratching, rain, and sunlight. 2.25" x 3" - FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.!


Adam Rieger - Red Head Kebari - Futsu Sticker

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