The Tenkara Angler 2020-21 Winter Showcase Begins Now!

Welcome to the index page for the Tenkara Angler 2020-21 Winter Showcase, our latest quarterly showcase of reader-submitted articles, photography, and original art. I should probably toss in a “Happy New Year” as well, as we’ve now thankfully flipped the page on the calendar and are all working with a fresh, clean slate.

Before we begin listing the entries, the Tenkara Angler team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the contributors (Brent, Carlos, Danièle, Dennis, Jason, Joshua, Nick, Tom, Tristan & retroactively Adam… you’ll see what I mean when you read it), and sincerely hope all of our readers enjoy their outstanding work.

The line up for the upcoming week’s worth of featured community-submitted posts is laid out below. New installments of the 2020-21 Winter Showcase will be published daily, beginning with Dennis Vander Houwen’s piece about “5 Things You Can Do to Improve your Tenkara Experience.”

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Tenkara Experience, by Dennis Vander Houwen

Saturday, January 2nd

Red & Black Sakasa Tenkara Kebari Tying Video, by Brent Auger

Sunday, January 3rd

Brent Auger - Red & Black Sakasa Kebari - Tenkara Angler

Big Water, Big Trout, Big Tenkara, by Adam Wilner

Monday, January 4th

Pay It Forward: Tenkara Style, by Jason Klass

Tuesday, January 5th

Jason Klass - Pay It Forward Tenkara Style (2)

Barabrookies, by Tristan Kloss

Wednesday, January 6th

Is This The End, Beautiful Friend?, by Nick Pavlovski

Thursday, January 7th

Winter Fishing in Western North Carolina, by Joshua Brooks

Friday, January 8th

Winter Tenkara Fishing Joshua Brooks

Tenkara Angler Interview: Carlos Andre Blatt, by Tom Bayly

Saturday, January 9th

Tenkara Angler 2020-21 Winter Showcase Photo Dump

Sunday, January 10th

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