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Tenkara from Japan: Master Tenkara

I was pleased to receive an email the other day from Satsuki Tanaka, our friend in tenkara from Japan. If that name sounds familiar, Satsuki wrote a brief article for the Tenkara Angler Fall Festival, sharing wonderful photos and commentary of his tenkara fishing in the mountains of Japan.

The note let me know that he is in the process of releasing the “Master Tenkara” video content he recorded with Dr. Ishigaki to YouTube on his new “Tenkara from Japan” channel. These how-to videos not only explain the basics of tenkara gear, but also more advanced tips and tricks when on the water. Plus, the versions being posted to YouTube are all translated with English subtitles!

If you enjoy these video shorts, Satsuki also let me know that he plans on posting two additional “Master Tenkara” videos a month, with the possibility of new, original “Tenkara from Japan” content once the fishing season begins in Japan.

So take some time this weekend and catch up on some great instructional tenkara content. It’ll be a great way to sharpen those skills virtually while it’s cold outside. Also, make sure to subscribe to Satsuki’s new YouTube channel to be among the first to see when the next video is posted!

Satsuki Tanaka is a Japanese outdoors enthusiast with interests in bouldering, alpine climbing, yachting, backcountry exploration, woodworking, and of course tenkara. Through his work with the ClearWater Project, he is championing catch & release fishing on the Dando River, as well as maintaining a fishing ticketing agency and associated magazine website that promotes all types of fishing in mountain streams.

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