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Tenkara Rod Madness: Second Round Results & Sweet 16 Voting!

Upsets Abound in the Second Round

2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Sweet 16  - Bad Axe

Much like its NCAA counterpart, the Second Round of Tenkara Rod Madness saw upset after upset take place as the field narrowed from 32 down to 16 participants. It was amazing to watch this play out in real time, and all the more reason why your favorite rod(s) need your vote!

It’s worth noting that you are allowed to vote for your favorite rod multiple times per round. See, we trust our community of fans and friends. We are all part of this like-minded adventure. So out of the respect for each other as stewards of the lands and waters around us, coupled with our love for long telescopic rods… as we further narrow down the field, (and the imaginary stakes get even higher), please consider an “honor system” of three ballots per voter.

We want to hear your voice, but we don’t really want any single person shouting to alter the outcome. A movement of votes in a focused direction, led by brand loyalty and brand motivators will speak loud enough for everyone. Thank you for that consideration.

Now let’s have some more fun!

The Results:

(Number of Votes, Links to Winning Rods)

Auger Region

#1 Dragontail Mizuchi – 76
#8 Nissin Royal Stage 320 (6:4) – 174

#2 NIRVANA 400 – 102
#7 Tenkara Rod Co. Sierra – 200

#3 Oni Type III – 92
#11 Daiwa Sagiri 39MC – 87

#4 Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth – 203
#12 Tanuki Golden Trout – 98

Stewart Region

#1 TenkaraBum 40 – 101
#8 Daiwa LT36SF 360 – 83

#2 Dragontail Mutant – 68
#10 Nissin Royal Stage 360 (7:3) – 163

#3 Dragontail Hydra – 59
#6 Nissin Zerosum 360 6:4 – 159

#4 Nissin Oni Honryu 395 – 99
#5 Nissin Pro Spec 2-Way – 73

Sakakibara Region

#1 Oni Type I – 92
#8 Karasu 360 – 121

#2 Dragontail Hellbender – 105
#7 Tenkara Rod Co. Teton – 193

#3 TenkaraBum 36 – 91
#11 Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu 330 (6:4) – 83

#4 Suntech Kurenai HM30R – 157
#5 Nirvana 370z – 67

Galhardo Region

#1 Tenkara USA Sato – 94
#9 TAO U.N.C. – 180

#2 Tenkara USA Rhodo – 82
#7 Tenryu Furiabo TF39TA – 173

#3 Tenkara USA Iwana – 101
#11 TAO Bad Axe – 172

#4 Nissin Zerosum 320 (6:4) – 75
#5 Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu 360 (5:5) – 88

Let’s Vote In The Sweet Sixteen!

With the field now reduced, the opportunity to vote in the Sweet Sixteen is now open! While many brackets may be busted, there are many excellent rods deserving of votes… Let’s see who makes it through to the Quarterfinals! Decide each rod’s fortune by voting through the Google form below, (or clicking HERE to use the form in a non-embedded format).

Sweet Sixteen voting in 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness will stay open until approximately 8 PM ET on Thursday, March 25th…. so get that valuable vote in to make sure your favorite rod(s) advance!

Please remember to scroll all the way to the bottom and click the “Submit” button, or else your votes will not be counted!

Happy voting and good luck to all of the remaining entries. This is when things start to get serious.

Don’t forget to return on Friday, March 26th to see the Sweet Sixteen results, and vote in the 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Great Eight!

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