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March Backcountry Skiing & Tenkara

Our friend Satsuki Tanaka recently went on a backcountry camping & skiing outing. He also brought along a tenkara rod to enjoy some fishing along the way. What an amazing way to combine several wonderful outdoor activities!

This video was originally posted on the “Tenkara from Japan” YouTube channel. However, Tanaka-san wanted us to share here as well. He even did a special edit for the Tenkara Angler community to host on our YouTube Channel.

He was excited about sending this over, and is considering doing so again in the future. Please be sure to “like” and comment on the YouTube video to let him know you’re enjoying his work!

Satsuki Tanaka is a Japanese outdoors enthusiast with interests in bouldering, alpine climbing, yachting, backcountry exploration, woodworking, and of course tenkara. Through his work with the ClearWater Project, he is championing catch & release fishing on the Dando River, as well as maintaining a fishing ticketing agency and associated magazine website that promotes all types of fishing in mountain streams.

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