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Monday Morning Miscellany

Hey, figured we’d get your work week off to a good note, by sharing some of ours. This miscellany isn’t worthy of a post on its own, but when combined, hits a nice word count. So happy Monday (we hope)!


Jason posted a new “Waterscape” to the Tenkara Angler YouTube channel over the weekend. No fishing, no instructional info. Just a bit of streamside relaxation (and in this case, some mountain melodies). Perhaps if you’re not ready to jump back into the grind, this may prove to be a nice escape. We may do more of these in the future… or if you have similar footage of a creek near you, contact us, maybe we can feature it… it’d be pretty cool to have a collection of waters.

Anybody need a new (to them) camper?

I’ve been daydreaming about acquiring a little camper for a while now. First I flirted with the idea of a teardrop trailer, then I got introduced to some soft sided options for the beds of pickup trucks (which I don’t own by the way), and now seem to be traveling down the “Class B” camper van rabbit hole. As an angler, you’ve got to check out this one that’s on eBay. Tenkara Angler is not affiliated with this, we just think it’s cool. I mean as far as theming goes, a river literally runs through it. (Make sure to click through all the photos in the auction, none of which feature Tony Danza).

OK, How about a t-shirt instead?

Van’s not your thing, I get it. Maybe this is. We’ve been selling Tenkara Angler logo t-shirts on Amazon for a while now. But did you know we also have a Spreadshirt shop too? No, you can’t get Amazon Prime shipping over in Spreadshirt, but they do offer several different apparel and accessory options that Amazon does not. After fiddling around with a few new designs, we’ve made them available on a test basis. Check ’em out.

Monday Morning Miscellany Tenkara Angler Spreadshirt

Okay, okay, we know today’s post wasn’t our best effort. But we wanted to toss something out there just to get some kinda-sorta tenkara themed content out there. I mean what else is going to distract you during your morning coffee or all too short lunch break? We’ll come back stronger later this week, I promise, (maybe even with a camper van in tow…)

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