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Your Three Flies: A Video Reply

While the Tenkara Angler team was off in Wisconsin, our friend Adam Rieger prepared a short fly tying video for our audience. It answers the fly box-based question Jason Sparks’ posed on our social media accounts a few weeks back:

Your Three Flies.
We are curious about all fly fishers and how they would approach this.

If you had to fill a box for this season with an endless number of three distinct flies…
What would be your three?
Be specific with sizes and colors if applicable. No variations allowed on “your box”.

Check out Adam’s answer, it may surprise!

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Want to share your three flies? We’d love to see them in the comments section below.

Adam Rieger works for a wine and sake importer and distributor in New York and New Jersey. He lives in the Croton River watershed about an hour north of New York City, but travels the tri-state area hunting brook trout whenever his wife lets him. Follow his fly tying videos on YouTube.

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  1. I love how the simplicity of Tenkara is also consistently apparent in the flies we fish. Great video

  2. I like it seeing some clips about this nice and simple Patterns. Adam has tied them very well! In my kebari-pool are similar looking patterns in light and dark colours. Mostly tied in size 12 and 14 as my standard. Usually I pick out a handful of them and go fishing.

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