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Introduction to the ikari T

Good Things Come in Small Packages

One of the more interesting things to pop up in the tenkara gear space over the last year have been the ikari storage systems.

Ikari Model T - Tenkara Angler - Product Line

The ikari, which comes in various sizes, is sort of a “Swiss Army Knife” of tenkara spools. It accommodates lines, flies, and in some cases tippet, all in a package that is small and conveniently clips on a tenkara rod. In concept, it’s the minimalist angler’s dream. Shortly after release, the ikari made the rounds on tenkara blogs and social media and folks raved about the concept and design. However many weren’t as enthusiastic at the price.

The family of ikari aren’t inexpensive, with the S retailing for $45, the M starting at $50, and the L starting at $125. Heck, there’s even a fly box version of the ikari now (the B, of course) that goes for $249.99.

Ikari Model T - Tenkara Angler - Family of Spools

But there’s a reason why the ikari isn’t cheap. It’s a smartly engineered product that is made to order, especially for you. It’s not something mass produced in an nameless overseas factory. (It’s actually made in western North Carolina). All of that time and development certainly deserves a price, and the angler definitely receives a well thought out product. That said, I totally understand that for those that prefer to craft D.I.Y. line spools from pool noodles, this may result in some sticker shock.

Enter the ikari T

The newest ikari added to the lineup is called the T (for tiny), and it’s just that, the smallest version yet. Does it come with all of the bells and whistles of some of its larger brothers? No. But it still still checks many of the important boxes:

✅ Stores two lines
✅ Holds roughly 10 flies
✅ Stows on your rod via the ikari rod clip.

Oh, and the best part, is the price. A very friendly $30. So still not pool noodle territory, but this should feel a little better.

Support Small

To close, I should note that Roman (the creator of the ikari) didn’t ask us/me to post this. I just felt like shining the spotlight on a product and person that’s out innovating in our community. Over the years tenkara has seen a lot of copycat products, so I really enjoy watching Roman’s passion and creativity from afar. If you appreciate that as well, you can check out his full line of ikari products at Sap & Bark.

Oh, and to make the ikari even more price friendly, be sure to use the limited time coupon code TENKARAANGLER at checkout to save 10%.

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