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We have noticed a few tenkara gatherings have already been announced for 2022. Thought it might be a good idea to maintain a post listing them out, a calendar of sorts. So bookmark this article, we’re hoping to update it regularly.

If you’d like to have your event listed below, send us the details via email. We have an email form at the bottom of this page.

TenkaraCamp: Great Smoky Mountains
April 29-May 1, Deep Creek Campground, Bryson City, NC

The Appalachian Tenkara Anglers Facebook group will be hosting a camp out and gathering that they hope will become a large community event. Anglers are encouraged to come together to meet, whether they plan to camp or not. They can cast lines together, enjoy the evening campfire and tell fish stories. This event will not be overly structured, but there will be a few things setup for those that want to participate. TenkaraCamp will be a great a launch point into the FANTASTIC trout waters of the Smokies.

With more details to come, check out the Appalachian Tenkara Anglers Facebook page, or the Facebook event. TenkaraCamp is supported by Riverworks Rod Co. and Tenkara Angler.

TenkaraCamp Great Smoky Mountains -  Tenkara Angler

2022 Tenkara Wisconsin Great Driftless Camp Out
June 2-5, Esofea County Park, Westby, WI

This event an annual gathering being “hosted” by the Tenkara Wisconsin Facebook group. Originally a companion to the Midwest Tenkara Fest, Dave Noll & Zoan Kulinski organize a few group campsites. They set up canopies, arrange coffee in the morning and a bonfire each night to make it conducive to gathering and camaraderie. The campground features primitive and electric campsites as well as flush toilets and hot showers. (Note: the Driftless Oni Tenkara & Tactical Nymphing schools are the week following this event).

If you have interest in attending, consider joining the Tenkara Wisconsin Facebook group. The “event”, and I’m sure additional details, are also being shared on the event’s Facebook page.

Anthony, Alan and Vern

2022 White Mountains Tenkara Camp Out
June 10-12, Barnes Field Group Campground, Gorham, NH

Red Brook Tenkara’s Bill Holleran is planning a group camp out for tenkara anglers in the Northeast. With sponsors such as North Country Angler, Yonah Packs, & Ledge Brewing Co. it sounds like a well supported event.

Registration to join the event ($50 for campers, $35 for non-campers) get you access to both group camp site, all presentations & events, raffles, and a t-shirt.

Bill created an information page on the Red Brook Tenkara website with far more details, so check it out to register and lock in your spot.

White Mountains Tenkara Camp Out -  Tenkara Angler

2022 Tenkara Bug Out
July 9-10, Westfir Portal, Oakridge, OR

Organizer Jim Vandagrift will be bringing the Tenkara Bug Out back to the beautiful waters of the Pacific Northwest. Details are still being finalized, but here’s a tease taken from the Facebook event:

“Pack a bag and bug out of town to join us for a weekend in the rain shadow of the Oregon Cascades. We will be fly fishing with traditional Japanese style tenkara rods. For our enjoyment, there are over sixty miles of rivers, streams, and creeks to explore and fish in this area. These waters are some of the best trout waters in the Oregon Cascades and are home to wild Redside Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and the prized Bull Trout. This event is strictly catch and release, fly fishing only, and barbless hook.”

Check out the Tenkara Bug Out website. It has been fully updated for 2022, it will give you a feel of what to expect.

2022 Tenkara Bug Out - Tenkara Angler

Oni Tenkara School – Utah
September 8-10 or September 12-14, Provo, UT

Tenkara Guides LLC are back with this year’s installment of the always popular Oni Tenkara School. There are two separate sessions this September where one can learn quite a bit to grow and refine their tenkara tactics. Registration is now open and costs $625 per angler.

“Oni Tenkara is the distinct tenkara fly fishing style of Masami ‘Tenkara No Oni” Sakakibara.  Widely regarded as the greatest living tenkara fly fishing master, Oni’s School of Tenkara emphasizes the angler’s relationship with the river environment, blends casting and drift into a single act of fly presentation, and utilizes elegant techniques to maximize success across diverse fishing conditions. 

The Oni Tenkara School in Utah is the premiere instructional experience in the Oni tenkara fly fishing method. Students enjoy three days of intensive learning on the famous trout waters of Utah with Tenkara Guides LLC, Masami Sakakibara’s designated U.S. instructors.”

2022 Oni Tenkara School - Tenkara Angler

Tell Us About Your Event!

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  1. I am very interested in attending the Tenkara Camp in NC. I do not participate in social media and I see not way to contact and register via Email.

    1. Hey Steve, if you’d like more info, try emailing Jason at and he should be able to give you some details on the campout.

      Even better, consider joining the Appalachian Tenkara Anglers on Facebook. Even if you use the service passively and for no other reason, there’s a ton of great information being shared there, including all the details of this event.

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