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Tenkara Rod Co. Takes on the Western Native Trout Challenge

The first video installment of the “Western Native Trout Challenge” from Tenkara Rod Co. dropped this past Tuesday, and it looks to be an interesting adventure. In trading emails with TRC’s Presidente (Drew Hollenback), he said:

“We are completing the master caster class of the Western Native Trout Challenge which involves catching 18 species of trout and char across 12 states. Our goal is to raise awareness for the Western Native Trout Initiative and hopefully people will be inspired to sign up for the challenge which will in turn, help to conserve a lot of the rivers where these native trout live.”

Well, it certainly looks like a blast of a fixed line experience to me… with new episodes dropping weekly. Check it out the initial video below, and be sure to subscribe to TRC’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already to follow them along on their quest!

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