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TP1 Kebari (Non-Traditional)

Remember during the great toiler paper shortage of 2020 that spun up half of America? It affected everyone differently and household items began to get prioritized on shopping lists. How did I react? I was tying up flies with reckless abandon. Indeed, I used a precious resources at the vise to craft the TP1 GnarlyFly.

Challenge Accepted

A Facebook fly-tying group held a challenge tie for “tie something from your trash can”. I looked around and saw a small portion of (clean) TP and had the idea. The tissue from my deskside can, twisted tight for a segmented grub body. A scrap soft white feather I picked up on the living room floor that snuck out of a pillow a few days ago and a two inch piece of grizzly hackle sitting on the desk scrap pile.

Before I plopped it in the creek, I slathered a copious amount of Sally Hard as Nails over it to hold it together. It last for several panfish before I retired it.

TP1 Kebari - Jason Sparks - Tenkara Angler

Go. Get Inspired

Head over to the Kebari Library to check out lots of traditional Japanese flies, inspired variations and some of the other non-sense we have tied up over the last decade.

You should also take the time to view/review the valuable resource that Yoshikazu Fujioka have created at “My Best Streams.” This is just a launch point into the kebari catalog. Be sure to follow the menu at the bottom through multiple pages of kebari/flies. Then dive into the descriptions and explanation he has meticulously cultivated and provided for tenkara anglers everywhere.

We look forward to you sharing your comments and creations with us.

Do you have a story to tell? A photo to share? A fly recipe that’s too good to keep secret? If you would like to contribute content to Tenkara Angler, click HERE for more details.


    1. If not for any other viable reason, its for sure that I like to entertain myself . -Jason.

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