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Tenkara Angler Welcomes Anthony Naples

Tenkara Angler is growing, and today we’re happy to announce the addition of Anthony Naples to our editorial team!

Anthony Naples Tenkara Angler - Wisconsin Driftless

Many of you may know Anthony from his blog Casting Around, or perhaps from interaction on social media in the various tenkara groups and forums.

For those unfamiliar with Anthony, he has been a positive contributor to the tenkara & fixed line fly fishing community for over a decade. If you’ve done any sort of research on tenkara, you’ve likely encountered Anthony in some way, even if you didn’t realize it.

Anthony is what I’d consider a creative. In addition to his wonderful writing, he has produced original art for several tenkara entities including the Tenkara Summit, Midwest Tenkara Fest, Dragontail Tenkara, and Tenkara Tanuki. Anthony was also a retailer for a time, offering Tenkara Times & Oni Tenkara rods through his online shop Three Rivers Tenkara. He was even the “coverboy” for David Dirks’ book Tenkara Fly Fishing: Insights & Strategies.

Anthony Naples Tenkara Angler - Stalk

Tenkara Angler has been fortunate to have Anthony Naples as a contributing author in the past. Two of his more popular articles include Simple Tenkara Rod Nymphing and The Pass Lake Wet Fly. Anthony’s inquisitive nature, willingness to question norms, and artistic lean provide a non-dogmatic perspective to tenkara & fixed line fishing that we’re looking forward to showcasing further in the future.

As Anthony gets his bearings, feel free to (re)read his catalog of prior posts. I’m certain you’ll enjoy them.

Please join us in welcoming him to the Tenkara Angler team!

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