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DRAGONtail Light PVC and Tapered PVC Floating Lines

DRAGONtail Tenkara has just released a couple of new PVC lines for tenkara. Although PVC lines are not generally considered to be traditional lines for tenkara, many anglers prefer them for casting in windy conditions, throwing dry flies or chucking large, air resistant flies.

DRAGONtail Tenkara has had PVC lines in their prior offerings, but these new lines are designed more specifically for tenkara applications. Both types of lines are available in bright orange and acid blue colors. They come with a loop on one side for easy connection to your rod’s lillian with a girth hitch knot.

DRAGONtail Light PVC Floating Tenkara Line is 20 ft. of 0.6 mm mono-core PVC. It can be cut to any desired length to meet your given fishing applications. DRAGONtail Tapered PVC Floating Tenkara Line comes in 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 ft. lengths. Both lines are very lightweight and have a nylon monofilament core, for better turn over and casting characterizes.

DRAGONtail Light PVC and Tapered PVC Floating Lines - Tom Davis - Tenkara Angler

I recently had the opportunity to cast both types of lines. I used both lines with a 6:4 moderately-fast/upper flex rod and with a 5:5 moderate/mid flex rod. Both lines cast so beautifully on each rod, that they put a smile on my face! I used a 3.5 ft. tippet and heavy fly, which were easily turned over by both lines. Both lines had very little memory and were easily straightened after coming out of the packaging. These lines are just plain fun to use!

Conclusion: DRAGONtail Light PVC Floating and Tapered PVC Floating tenkara lines definitely deserve your attention if you frequently fish in windy conditions, prefer fishing dry flies, or throwing big flies. Personally, I don’t fish dry flies very often, but after using these lines, I just might have to add a few more dries to my box for use with these specialized tenkara PVC lines!

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  1. Zen has been producing their own lines for some time now…seems like Dragon Tail followed suite. Zen just didn’t get the write up – well over a year ago. Interesting how some brands just don’t get the coverage or recognition even though some are setting the trends. Frustrating for sure.

    1. Hi Karin,

      I looked for ‘Zen Tenkara pvc line’ on google and the first reference took me to a Zen Tenkara webpage that was for a floating lin. But the only reference to ‘pvc’ on the page is the following:

      “It’s Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable (other tenkara lines and fly lines are made of various polys and PVC that leech and break down from water and sun exposure, releasing nasty stuff).”

      That is from here:

      The second reference is to a (much earlier) review in 2017. Maybe you haven’t seen it. It is here:

      The author wonders if the line is made of pvc and assumes it is.

      Anyway, all of that leads me to wonder, do you still make pvc lines? If so, can you please provide a link to whatever webpage has it ?

      Thank you!

  2. Tom,

    Did you try both colors? I have never used a light blue line before? Was it easy to see?

    Thank you,

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