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Support the Seiyu Therapy Tenkara Rod on Kickstarter

Many people find their time on the water as an escape from stressors past and present. Would you like to support other people in finding therapeutic benefits through fly fishing and tenkara? An interesting Kickstarter that went live this week can help you do just that by backing a special edition tenkara rod.

Licensed psychotherapist, trauma therapy consultant, and military veteran Tony Parmenter is helping people manage post traumatic stress disorder through an innovative program which gets them on the stream with a tenkara rod in hand.

Seiyu Therapy Tenkara Rod on Kickstarter - Tenkara Angler

Tony has recently launched a Kickstarter that will support this treatment by creating a program-specific model of 330cm tenkara rod to be used by participant anglers. If you’re interested in supporting this initiative you can back this Kickstarter in several ways through the following rewards:

  • $20 – A heartfelt donation
  • $30 – A year’s Trout Unlimited Membership
  • $50 or more – A fly tying class with Amanda Hoffner or Daniel Pierce
  • $90 or more – Sponsor a rod for a therapy angler
  • $90 or more – A rod for you
  • $140 or more – Sponsor a therapy rod AND receive a rod for you!

With many different and extremely reasonable ways to back this Kickstarter, we hope to see Tony meet (and exceed) his goal of $2,500 quickly.

You can find out more about this creative form of outdoor therapy at Seiyu Institue for Health & Training and Counseling Without Walls. Or, follow Tony Parmenter on Instagram at @seiyu_zuri.

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