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Advanced Tenkara Clinic Video with Rob Worthing

One of the few organized activities at the 2023 TenkaraCamp were three separate, roughly hour long streamside clinics featuring topics for specific skill levels. Jason Sparks led an introductory tenkara class, Amanda Hoffner (LadyTenkaraBum) built on that foundation with some intermediate topics, while Rob Worthing (Tenkara Guides) handled the advanced tenkara session.

Our intention was to record all three clinics, but the video gremlins were evidently turned loose on both Jason & Amanda’s recordings, losing them forever. Luckily, Rob’s session was captured, and we are happy to present it here today!

Watch Advanced Tenkara Clinic on YouTube

Rob briefly covers the topics of ichthyology (fish), entymology (bugs), and hydrology (water) before doing a deeper dive into (and a demonstration of) aerial mending casting techniques to a group of TenkaraCamp attendees. This was an outdoor classroom setting, so this video has no slick edits, graphics, or music. It’s simply Rob conveying information in a technical, but accessible fashion. Warning, this video is long and the clinic does contain some colorful language.

Video Cheat Sheet:

  • 00:30 – Introduction
  • 01:40 – Bugs
  • 03:00 – Fish Senses & Behavior
  • 14:30 – Movement of Water over Land
  • 19:46 – Introduction to Aerial Mending
  • 27:00 – Little Tiny Circles
  • 34:31 – Aerial Mending Demo (on land)
  • 39:02 – Aerial Mending Demo (on stream)
  • 46:50 – Putting it all together
  • 49:43 – Working around obstacles

If you enjoyed Rob’s clinic and would perhaps like to spend a day with him on the water, please visit the Tenkara Guides website where you can arrange a guided trip or perhaps even attend a future Oni School.

Tenkara Angler can’t thank Amanda & Rob enough for volunteering their time and knowledge at 2023 TenkaraCamp!

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  1. This is a great video. Rob did a webinar with Tanuki awhile back on level line casting that really helped the way I cast. Still working on the arial mends and it really helped to see him do it on-stream. Ive always thought it would be great to have version of the Oni-school for paid download. Thanks for taking the time to record and share this.

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