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Hide & Seek for Pennsylvania Native Brookies

Article by Jerry Reitz

English Run located near Little Pine State Park offers a thrilling pursuit for tenkara anglers seeking native brook trout in a small, picturesque mountain stream. However, catching these elusive fish isn’t the only challenge, as avoiding detection is equally important. Even the slightest disturbance, such as a shadow or sudden movement, can alert these cautious beauties. Tenkara anglers must approach the stream’s tiny pockets with care, often catching only fleeting glimpses of their targets before they vanish into their hiding spots.

Hide & Seek for Pennsylvania Native Brookies - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz

To meet this challenge head-on, I rely on the DRAGONtail FoxFIRE zx280 zoom rod. I adjust its length to 6.6 feet for precise casting with a 6′ #3.0 level line in these tight spaces. My go-to fly for tenkara fishing in these mountain streams is the modified Utah Killer Bug, usually size 18, which has proven to be very effective in enticing these native brook trout to bite.

On our first visit to the stream this year, when the water was a little higher and colder than when we usually visit, we had an exhilarating experience. We played hide and seek with the native brook trout, cautiously maneuvering around the stream to outsmart these elusive fish. Although we caught only a few, we witnessed many others darting away from our attempts. The challenge of catching these small native fish adds an extra level of excitement to the day.

Hide & Seek for Pennsylvania Native Brookies - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz - Trout

Tenkara fishing in Pennsylvania’s small mountain streams for native brook trout is an adventure that requires skill, patience, and careful observation. Avoiding detection and outsmarting these elusive fish adds an extra level of challenge and excitement to the experience. Enjoy a memorable day of fishing in the serene beauty of these small mountain streams that flow through the wonderful Pennsylvania mountains.

Hide & Seek for Pennsylvania Native Brookies - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz - Fishing

Jerry Reitz, a native of Pennsylvania, developed a deep-rooted love for the outdoors at a young age. Growing up in the Nittany Valley, he spent his days exploring the limestone small mountain streams and honing his angling skills. In recent years, Jerry’s passion for fishing took an exciting turn when he discovered tenkara.

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