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Origins Video Series Episode 5: A.J. Moore

In the Tenkara Angler Origins Series we take a look at the stories behind anglers’ discovery of tenkara. Tenkara anglers tell us in their own words how they came to tenkara.

In this episode of Origins we talked with Midwestern fixed line angler A.J. Moore, about his introduction to tenkara.

Watch Tenkara Origins Episode 5: A.J. Moore on YouTube

Matt was able to spend some on stream time with A.J., so we’ll be bringing you additional content in the future from their outing in the Minnesota Driftless. In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about and from A.J. Moore, check out some of his articles on Tenkara Angler.

Origins Video Series Episode 5: A.J. Moore - Tenkara Angler

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