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river peak was established in May 2014 in Kobe, Japan specializing in tenkara and fly fishing products. Their fly and tenkara lineup includes everything from rods and reels to lines and hooks. Even tying materials and tools.

river peak creates new products with testers all over Japan aiming to develop and sell niche products in small quantities that appeal to anglers, something that famous brands cannot do. river peak also holds fly and tenkara fishing camps, hands-on fishing events for children, tying workshops, and fishing tournaments all over Japan to experience the fun of fly and tenkara fishing to both children and adults.

The main mission of river peak is to share the joy of fishing to as many people as possible!

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river peak Tenkara Rods

river peak rods and accessories are available in the United States through Tenkara Adventure Outfitters.

Kiwami 3310′ 8″1.9 oz6:4¥21,780Buy
Kiwami 3812′ 4″2.5 oz6:4¥22,880Review / Buy
Kiwami 4514′ 9″3.7 oz6:4¥34,100Review / Buy
Pop Star8′ 11″1.7 oz5:5¥10,230Review / Buy
Manufacturer supplied specs, click review link for independent measurements

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