2018 Instagram Tenkara Rod Popularity Contest

Earlier in the week, I thought it might be fun to throw up a quick little poll on the Tenkara Angler Instagram account, asking viewers a fairly straightforward question:

“What tenkara rod are you using? List your favorite in the comments”

Well, the community took that challenge and ran with it. Some people were very specific with their feedback, citing several different “favorite” rod models depending on the situation, while others just vaguely mentioned a brand, with no reference to rod model, size, etc…

So I gathered that information and made this infographic recapping the results.

InformalTenkaraRod Poll

While I’m no statistician, there are a few interesting things I noticed in summarizing the data. First, and not surprisingly, Tenkara USA was the runaway winner, not only in overall brand affinity (26%) but also rod models, with five of the top seven! The Sato was the overall winner with 10% of the vote, but the newcomer Hane came in second with 7%. Curious if the Hane’s strong showing is more a result of people just getting the new rods in their hands now, and that’s literally what they’re fishing… because remember, the survey wasn’t “what’s the best tenkara rod” it was “what tenkara rod are you using?”

I also took note of Tenkara Rod Co.‘s impressive showing. I’ve always recognized they sold a lot of rods, however, I never really noticed them being used or mentioned much in my personal tenkara circles. That said, the audience surveyed was from Instagram, where Tenkara Rod Co. has a huge following. Five of their rods were mentioned, with the Teton being the preferred model.

Finally, it was nice to see the community is exploring a bit, with various Japanese makers littering the results. Oni, Nissin, Suntech, Shimano, Daiwa, & Tenryu all seemed to split a highly representative “Japanese” vote, with Nissin scoring the top Japanese brand honors, but the Oni Type III the overwhelming favorite model. (#savethecamohandle)

In the end, this was nothing more than an exercise in entertainment. Almost 70 individual results were tallied over the course of a few days, so while it’s a sample size of some corner of our tenkara community, it’s certainly not a definitive one.

If you’re interested in the full results in raw data form, see below. Thanks to everybody that participated, maybe we’ll try a few more of these in the future. If you’re not following Tenkara Angler on Instagram, check us out HERE.

Tenkara USA1726%
Tenkara Rod Co.812%
Tenkara Times35%
Three Rivers12%
Zen Tenkara12%
Tenkara USA Sato710%
Tenkara USA Hane57%
Tenkara Rod Co Teton46%
Oni Type III46%
Tenkara USA Rhodo34%
Tenkara USA Ito34%
Oni Type I34%
Suntech TenkaraBum TB4023%
Nissin ZeroSum 32023%
Tenkara USA Amago23%
Tenkara Tanuki 32523%
Tenkara Rod Co Cascade23%
Dragontail Komodo23%
Tenryu TF39TA23%
Nissin Royal Stage 36023%
Oni Honryu 39523%
Nissin Pro Spec 32011%
$10 Broomstick11%
Daiwa Enshou LT39S11%
Three Rivers Confluence11%
Garbolino (?) 10K 36011%
Badger UNC11%
Tenkara Times TRY 30011%
Tenkara Rod Co Mini Sawtooth11%
Tenkara Rod Co Sierra11%
Dragontail Hydra11%
Badger BadAxe11%
Tenkara USA Iwana11%
Shimano Pack Tenkara11%
Badger Scout11%
Patagonia Soft Hackle 10’6″11%
Tenkara Rod Co Grand Teton11%
Tenkara Rod Co Owyhee11%
Suntech Kurenai11%
Tenkara Times TRY 36011%
Tenkara Times Watershed 33011%
Nissin Pro Spec 2-Way 36011%

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  1. Was nice to see a survey done regarding tenkara rods. Was no surprise to see TUSA leading the pack. Not just because of the quality of their rods, but there customer service is second to none. Keep up the great Michael! Hope you have a great season. By the way, if you should wander up here to South Central PA, send me an emai,and I will take you to some nice sreams.
    Tight lines
    Jeff Hertz

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