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Tenkara Rod Madness!

Vote For Your Favorite Fixed Line Rod

In looking back at some old posts over the weekend, this entry from 2018 on rod preference seemed like it needed an update. Many new rods have been released and many new anglers have joined the community over the last 2 plus years. So what better time than now to revisit this topic?

Inspired by the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament, let’s have some fun with this and have a “Field of 64(?)” rods that will battle head to head in a single elimination bracket until one rod is crowned the champion (or at the very least, the most popular).

However, in order to set the field, we need YOUR help!

Consider this the “regular season.” Use the Google Form below to enter your favorite tenkara or fixed line rod into the tournament between today, March 1st, and Selection Sunday, March 14th.

Simply fill in the blank with your favorite Brand & Model. (i.e. Tenkara USA Sato). If a rod model comes in multiple lengths or flexes, it would be great if you could note that too. (i.e. Nissin Royal Stage 360 7:3). Basically, you can type anything you want in that box, even nasty notes to us if that’s what you choose to do. 🙂

After the votes are tallied, we’ll announce the brackets on March 15th based on the results. The rod with the most votes will be the #1 seed, the second most votes #2, etc, etc… and subsequent posts featuring head-to-head contests will take place until we name the winner at the end of March.

2021 Tenkara Rod Madness - Tenkara Angler

This is purely meant to be fun, and not necessarily an indication of rod performance, so please vote to make sure your favorite rod gets included. Heck, we don’t even care what criteria you use. And if you want to vote a few different rods in based on fishing conditions, species, etc… we won’t hold that against you either. The more rods that get strong support, the more fun the bracket will be.

Let the Madness begin!

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