The Spring 2020 (& Final Quarterly) Issue of Tenkara Angler is Now Live!

The Spring 2020 issue of Tenkara Angler has arrived. It’s chock full of both tenkara and fixed-line fly fishing content from cover to cover. Allow me to first describe the issue, then I’ll touch a bit more on what the title of this post is referring to…

Tenkara Angler - Spring 2020 Spread

This Spring 2020 issue was a very fun one to put together, it features entries from returning authors such as Rory E. Glennie, David West Beale, Matt Sment, Paul Vertrees, Chris Stewart, Bob Long, Jr., and Jerry Tanner. We also welcomed Jason Klass, Alan Luecke, and Steven Maichak into the fold. And as a bonus, there’s some stunning photography by Joao Mota, Daniele Beaulieu, Dave Noll, & Nick Pavlovski.

Screenshot 2020-04-12 at 3.29.05 PM

The Spring issue will be available as an e-magazine over at Issuu, HERE.

And also available for sale as a physical magazine and PDF download in the Blurb bookstore, HERE.

I really think you’ll enjoy this issue, no matter which way you choose to consume it.

Now back to the statement in the title of this post that this is the final quarterly issue; that wasn’t a typo. There are several reasons for this shift, each of which I expand upon in this quarter’s, “From the Editor“.

In short, they range from the clunkiness of the tools I use to create each issue, (for example, typos, like the one in this magazine’s table of contents are incredibly hard to fix after the magazine is published), to the wide array of underutilized multimedia opportunities that a print magazine format just doesn’t allow for.

With that noted, I’d like to make it clear that the Tenkara Angler brand and fixed-line community-based mission will not disappear, but rather be shifted toward publishing more frequent content here at, which I think will be a welcomed improvement for all readers.

As for all of the the great content contributors, I would love to continue to work with each and every one of you moving forward, and all prior magazine articles will find new life on the TA website in upcoming weeks.

I’ll close in thanking everyone in the tenkara and fixed-line community for your tremendous support over the past few years. I’m personally looking forward to what these upcoming changes bring, and I hope you will too.

Michael Agneta
Editor, Tenkara Angler

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