The Tenkara Angler 2020 Summer Showcase Begins Now!

What exactly is the Tenkara Angler 2020 Summer Showcase? Well, for those new around here, Tenkara Angler used to be a flip-book style online “magazine” that was released on a quarterly basis (back-issues here) . With us moving away from that format and to a more regularly published blog, we still wanted to have quarterly call-to-action to encourage members of our community to tell their tenkara & fixed-line stories. The Tenkara Angler 2020 Summer Showcase is the first installment of this new format. Jason, Matt, & I owe a huge THANK YOU to all of the authors (Brian, Dean, Karin, Mike, Nate, & Steven), and sincerely hope all of our readers enjoy their outstanding work.

So without further adieu, here is the line up for the upcoming week’s worth of featured community-submitted posts. New installments of the 2020 Summer Showcase will be published daily, beginning with Nate Camp’s piece about fishing for brook trout with his daughter, “Toddler Tenkara.”

Toddler Tenkara, by Nate Camp

Sunday, June 28th

150 Class Landing Net: From Shed Antler to Fish Handler, by Steven Maichak

Monday, June 29

The Second Most Un-Tenkara Thing You Can Do with your Tenkara Rod, by Mike Lutes

Tuesday, June 30

Tasmania’s Flinders Island, by Dean Price

Wednesday, July 1

Dean Price SU20 - Tasmania's Flinders Island - 5

The Perfect Day on Gray Reef, by Karin Miller

Thursday, July 2

Fixed-Line Fun at the Deserted Holiday Park, by Dean Price

Friday, July 3

Wind Rivers, by Brian Day

Saturday, July 4

To see all articles that are part of the Tenkara Angler 2020 Summer Showcase following publication, click HERE.

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