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Discover Tenkara’s “Manipulations” Volume 1 for only Two Bucks?

Yeah I couldn’t believe it either. Especially when I paid like $30 when it first came out. But believe me, no sour grapes here, I received more than my money’s worth…

The guys at Discover Tenkara are evidently gearing up to release Volume 2 of their popular “Manipulations” video soon. To get some excitement around that, they are offering Volume 1, “Manipulations: The Illusion of Life in Fly Fishing.” for as low as $2. Plus, they’ll throw in a coupon book where you can buy some additional goodies for $1.

(Note: This is actually a “Pay What You Choose” promotion. The minimum purchase price is $2, but they hope you pay a little bit more in the form of a “tip” to help fund their future projects.)

If you’re not exactly sure what you’d be receiving, it’s a comprehensive HD video download that’s over an hour long. Plus, Paul Gaskell‘s narration is always so calming and soothing to listen to. (LOL!) Here’s a quick preview of some of the footage:

The video talks you through various on stream fishing situations and provides several examples of fly manipulation techniques to use that best fit that particular situation. Heck, there were some manipulations I was already doing in my fishing, but I didn’t know exactly why they were working or when to apply them. Now I do!

So while this post probably reads like an advertisement (Note: Tenkara Angler is receiving nothing for this post), I’m really bringing this to your attention because I’ve been nothing but personally satisfied with my purchases from Discover Tenkara over the years. I’m not certain anybody else is producing high quality video-based instructional materials for tenkara (in English) that are comparable. You’re just not going to find this sort of stuff on YouTube for free – and believe me, I’ve tried.

Anyway, if this interests you (and it should), “sasoi” yourself over to this link to their offer. It’s good through August 3rd, 2020.

(And if you don’t know what “sasoi’ means… well, you really need this video).

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