“Loops” by Jim Tignor

Artist Jim Tignor has been featured prominently in back issues of Tenkara Angler. Recently, Jim has begun sharing humorous tenkara-themed comics on his social media accounts. Affectionately referred to as “Loops”, we hope these relatable mishaps bring a smile to your face.

Loops by Jim Tignor

We like to think that Jim’s comic above may have been inspired by our video of Masami Sakakibara lawn casting his famous “Oni Loops”

Since they’re too good not to share, we’ll include a few additional installments in a gallery below. (Click on each to enlarge). However, if you’d like to see more, please check out and like/subscribe to Jim’s Facebook or Instagram accounts!

Jim Tignor lives in Chapel Hill, NC. He is a newer fisherman, but seemingly obsessed with tenkara. Find Jim’s prints on Imagekind and follow his art on Instagram: @jim_tignor_art.

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