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PDF Download: Tenkara Angler Spring 2018

It’s my daughter’s opinion that Thursday is the most underwhelming day of the week. She just doesn’t think it has much going for it, good or bad. I guess it makes sense. Monday is the beginning of the work (or in her case, school) week, Tuesday is for tacos, Wednesday is “hump day”, Friday is the end of the work week, and everyone enjoys the weekend.

So with that in mind, I thought this unremarkable Thursday, I’d toss out this free PDF download of the Spring 2018 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine, regularly $8. You can scroll through it below, or should (fingers crossed) be able to click the little download or printer icons in the top right of the reader if you’d prefer to save it to your device or print an article or two for safe keeping. (Note: It’s ~35MB)

While most of these articles have been re-published to this website over the past year or so, there are a few that haven’t, so if you’re new to Tenkara Angler, it’s worth checking out. This was a pretty well-rounded issue with a profile of Tenkara Master Yuzo Sebata by Paul Gaskell, an overview of small stream fishing by Tom Davis, the history of North Country spiders from Chris Stewart, a complete guide to fixed line fishing for smallmouth bass by Bob Long, and wonderful essays from Brad Trumbo, Melissa Alcorn, and others.

Oh, and about that cover shot…

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