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Tenkara Rod Madness: Final Four Results, Championship Voting!

Here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for, the Championship Game of 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness! And if you ever thought your vote didn’t matter, it certainly did in our Final Four. One vote was all it took to decide one of the Tenkara Rod Madness Final Four matchups. Only… one… single… vote!

Tenkara Rod Madness Final Four Championship Game - Oni Type III

Final Four Results:

(Number of Votes, Links to Rods)

Semifinal One

#3 Oni Type III – 49
#1 TenkaraBum 40 – 36

The Auger regional champion Oni Type III reigned supreme in our first semifinal matchup with a convincing victory over the two-foot-longer champion of the Stewart region, the TenkaraBum 40. Perhaps it’s small stream fans making themselves heard, perhaps it’s the camo handle. Whatever the reason, there’s an Oni in the Championship. But has it seen the last of TenkaraBum?

Semifinal Two

#3 TenkaraBum 36 – 47
#9 TAO U.N.C. – 46

No, it hasn’t! In the closest matchup of the entire tournament, the Sakakibara region champion TenkaraBum 36 scored a buzzer beating victory over the Galhardo region champion Tenkara Adventure Outfitters U.N.C. by one vote! Now, the TenkaraBum 36 will seek revenge for it’s vanquished brother when it faces the Oni Type III in the Championship game.

Vote For Your Champion!

The confetti is ready, the champagne on ice, and both rods are fully extended. We’re a only a few short days of voting away from crowning our first Tenkara Rod Madness Champion!

Oni or TenkaraBum… TenkaraBum or Oni? Both rods have incredible pedigrees and rabid fan bases. Fortunately, you get to decide each rod’s fortune by voting through the Google form below, (or clicking HERE to use the form in a non-embedded format).

Championship voting in 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness will stay open until approximately 8 PM ET on Sunday, April 4th…. so don’t miss out on your chance to make history.

Please remember to click the “Submit” button at the bottom, or else your vote will not be counted!

Don’t forget to return on Monday, April 5th to see the Finals results and celebrate the 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Champion!

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