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The Champion of 2021 Tenkara Rod Madness is…

56 rods entered… 6 rounds of single elimination… and almost 1700 ballots cast have all led to this. The 2021 Champion of Tenkara Rod Madness has been decided. After the final head-to-head matchup, only one rod has assumed the throne!

2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Champions

Championship Results:

(Number of Votes, Links to Rods)

Oni Type III
2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Champion

2021 Tenkara Rod Madness Champion - Oni Type III

Now let’s not allow the Oni Type III‘s decisive victory take away from the accomplishments of Team TenkaraBum. With two rods in the Final Four, it was a very impressive showing from the contingent out of New York City (via Japan).

In the end, the results of this Tenkara Rod Madness bracket were nothing more than a bit of a fun and popularity contest. It was not an indication of performance, price point, or prowess. However people chose to vote was totally up to them. A handful of really great tenkara rods did advance to the Final Four. Some even better ones got knocked out early. All these rods are more than worth your consideration for personal use.

We at Tenkara Angler hope you enjoyed our little NCAA tournament-inspired Tenkara Rod Madness. We loved seeing all of the community interaction and participation. Hopefully nobody feels too disappointed if their favorite rod(s) were eliminated earlier than they had hoped.

Additionally, Tenkara Angler has few other interesting things planned for 2021, so please make sure to check back often. Follow us on your social media of choice to be the first to learn about the next interactive community event.

In closing, we’d like to give one final CONGRATULATIONS to the Oni Type III, who at least for this year has earned bragging rights over all other tenkara and fixed-line rods!

Oni Type III, enjoy 2021’s “One Shining Moment…”

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  1. Interesting result. My first thought is “we need to get more rods in peoples hands”. But I’m slightly biased because of the rods I like/use are perfect (for me).

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