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Tenkara Angler October Yard Sale

Happy October! Now put that pumpkin spice kebari down for a second, because we found some interesting apparel “backstock” while cleaning out the Tenkara Angler office. Need a new t-shirt? Any t-shirt on this page is $12 (includes shipping within the United States).

Get ’em while they’re still here… inventories are very limited and the discounts are up to 50% off. We’ll keep this post up while supplies last. When they’re gone, they’re likely gone for good!

Tenkara Yard Sale - Tenkara Angler Tamo Tee

Tenkara Angler Super Soft Tamo Tee
New Inventory, Extremely Limited: Size XXL only


Tenkara Yard Sale - Badger Tenkara Fish More Fuss Less

Badger Tenkara Vintage “Fish More – Fuss Less” Tee
New Inventory, Limited Sizes: M, L, XL only

Oh, and if none of these float your boat, check out our t-shirt shop over on Amazon for some really nice stuff… (Jason got a hold of some t-shirt design templates and there was just no stopping him!)

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