Two Week Warning: Winter 2021 Print Issue

Time flies when you’re having fun… right?

I spent a little time fishing with Jason, Matt, and some other fishy friends last weekend, and when I got back I realized we’re only two weeks away from the November 19th submission deadline for our Winter 2021-22 print issue of Tenkara Angler!

One of those friends, Bryan, is the model in our little graphic below… he was cleaning up wild rainbows while working a micro leech pattern:

Winter 2021 Tenkara Magazine - Tenkara Angler - Two Week Warning

If you’re interested in seeing your stories and/or photography in the Winter Issue, more details on submissions can be found in this prior article. After reading, should you have any questions regarding content contributions, don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d be happy to help you develop or refine a concept.

(And to those that have already turned in articles and photos – thank you for your kindness and generosity to the tenkara & fixed line community!)

Do you have a story to tell? A photo to share? A fly recipe that’s too good to keep secret? If you would like to contribute content to Tenkara Angler, click HERE for more details.

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