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A Hat Tip to Tenkara on the Trail

There are many popular tenkara-themed channels on YouTube. Some of the more popular ones are Tenkara Addict, GENRYUIZAKAYA, Teton Tenkara, Tenkara From Japan, Discover Tenkara, and more recently Flicky Flies and Tenkara Genki. Not to mention all of the brands that maintain a presence to highlight their various products.

Well, over the past month, Kris Franqui has created a new one, Tenkara on the Trail, which at the moment features primarily informational shorts, but also some on stream footage of both tenkara and other styles of fixed line rods.

From the short sampling, it’s worth a “subscribe” if you enjoy watching tenkara videos. (Plus, the fully loaded rod rack in the background of several of the videos is drool worthy. )

Here’s a few of my favorites to date:

Do you have a story to tell? A photo to share? A fly recipe that’s too good to keep secret? If you would like to contribute content to Tenkara Angler, click HERE for more details.


  1. Kris is a really neat guy. I have talked to him on the phone about fishing in the Beartooths and he is extremely knowledgable. He also may have as many tenkara rods as Tom Davis. I’m going to try and talk him into coming to the Tenkara Wisconsin Campout this Spring.

  2. Michael,

    Love that you are giving a shoutout to this new YT channel.

    I have been watching some of the other tenkara channels out there and now I’ll have to go check out this one!



    Founder of

  3. I just found this Michael. I appreciate it! You’re absolutely right, since I started the channel mid-winter most of my videos are informational. I wanted some “practice” with the process of recording and posting content…shout out to Tenkara Addict and Teton Tenkara for their insights. Come summertime, all of my content will be “on the trail” in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. I live for the Genryu-type trips and put on several hundred miles per year during the too-short summer at elevation. The timing of the channel also coincided with my planned retirement as well.

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