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Inside Scoop? The New Tenkara USA Tamo

It’s been a while since Tenkara USA has offered a tamo (landing net). The original version had a wooden frame, a cool aesthetic, and was extremely popular. Before Daniel Galhardo stepped away, he hinted that a new one might be on the way. We stumbled upon some photos online of what looks to be the next version that are very interesting…

Tenkara USA Tamo - Tenkara Angler
Images courtesy Tenkara USA

A carbon fiber handle, unique adjustable hoop, rubberized bag, and $140 MSRP. Hmmmm…

Appears you can sign up here to be the first to know when it’s available.

So what do you think?

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  1. Looks interesting! I still have my original TUSA tamo that Daniel gave me. I get compliments on it all the time since it’s got charm and is unique looking. On this new one, I can see how the hoop angle adjusts, but I wonder how it collapses. I suppose we’ll know more soon.

  2. Well its modern looking and hopefully light. Not sure how that metal thing will feel on your back in your belt. Can’t figure out how it collapses. Yes has lost the charm of the original no doubt. Still wish to know more though……

  3. I love it. I can definitely see Daniel’s hand in this. It has a very ice climber/mountaineer feel to it. I definitely want one.

  4. Looking at it from an straight engineering perspective its impressive. It appears the top locking latch allows for the net rim to rotate down allowing it to be collapsible. It the rim and locking mechanism are aluminum and the hand is actually carbon fiber it should end up being very light weight. Now like Ana mentioned above from a charm perspective its very utilitarian in its design and I agree that rationalists may choose a western style wooden net over this… I would be really curious to try on out! – Brian Swingle

  5. Wow Michael! you got the scoop on this early 🙂 You are too good! I haven’t even finished the graphics for the social media teasers. Anyway I love the net (biased of course) and was a blast to get down to a little ozark stream and test it out. It may not look just like those og tamos, but from a design perspective we followed the philosophy and I think folks will really dig it.

    1. I just found it on the TUSA website, there for all to see. Since Tenkara Angler took care of the promotion, maybe you can take the day off… LOL! I’m definitely interested in seeing one. I have an old school TUSA tamo, a measure net, as well as a Daiwa collapsible net. If this net can be compact, it might take a bit of the best from all three!

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